Digital Signature Software SignPack 2 is a go. This fresh new version of the popular SignPack electronic signature software released two years ago features smart new functionalities and offers the user a new perspective on electronic signature capture technology. SignPack 2 introduces signature and fingerprint biometrics with embedded watermark graphics to tighten security requirements for small, medium and large companies.

Digital Signature Capture Software SignPack 2 is now available, two years after the first version of the very popular SignPack electronic signature software solution. Trusted by many users worldwide, SignPack comes with a refreshed interface and a bundle of exhilarating new features. The latest version, SignPack 2 is designed to cater to companies wishing to capture, produce and secure digital signatures.

InnoTechnix, the software development company that gave birth to the highly popular IDpack ID card software, is proud to sign another success story with SignPack 2 electronic signature software. Its development team is particularly pleased with SignPack’s security, speed and flexibility. “The ability to capture high-resolution digital signatures for improved readability and usability was the first challenge we resolved successfully when developing SignPack 1.0. Then the obvious question was, what more can we bring to the electronic signature? Answer: tighter security to damp down on counterfeiting and improved authenticity processes,” shared Martin Bourdages, author and Software Development Manager for SignPack.

SignPack 2 empowers the user to achieve optimal security requirements. This comprehensive and convenient electronic signature solution has been provided with new functionalities, including:

  • 128-bit image file encryption for user access control
  • Fingerprint capture for optimal security and signee identification
  • Watermark tool to help prevent counterfeiting
  • Command Line Interface (SDK) to integrate SignPack with enterprise solutions
  • Digital Signature settings presets for speed and efficiency
  • Windows system tray docking for quick access to SignPack

“Three words to describe the new SignPack 2: secure, fast and flexible,” commented M. Bourdages. “SignPack fills a huge gap. We tested OEM electronic signature software packed with popular electronic signature pad brands available on the market and found there was an important gap to fill. That’s when SignPack evolved from a simple idea into a much-needed product.”SignPack contributes to pushing digital signature capture technology forward. Its development team works closely with customers, partners and industry stakeholders to develop, refine and tune identification software solutions that are well adapted to daily business needs.

“We are very excited about the new fingerprint and watermark functionalities as they help prevent counterfeiting and are a great way to personalize the visual aspect of the digital signature’s output. The outcomes are astonishing, with a company logo or other graphic in the background and the fingerprint next to the signature. It’s not simply about style; these technologies provide ways of supporting access control and avoiding unauthorized reproduction of an electronic signature,” explained M. Bourdages.

SignPack’s development team is exploring new Web-integrated technologies that may be included in the next SignPack release. This project is particularly dedicated to providing larger companies and federal, regional and local authorities with new ways of managing biometric signature security and authenticity. More information about this ongoing project will be made available at a later date.

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SignPack 2 Digital Signature Software is a Go